Proving Grounds
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Lead time: From 1 hour

Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds are solo challenges that both allow new players to learn a new role in a comfortable setting, or seasoned players to try something difficult and competitive.

Order a service, you get

Achievement (depends on selected role):

Proving Yourself: Endless Damage (Wave 30)
Proving Yourself: Endless Healer (Wave 30)
Proving Yourself: Endless Tank (Wave 30)

Feats of Strength: “You’re Really Doing It Wrong

Title (depends on selected role):

<Name> the Proven Assailant
<Name> the Proven Healer
<Name> the Proven Defender

Cover themselves with glory!

You are ordering getting one of the achievements:

Proving yourself: Endless Healer (Wave 30)
Proving yourself: Endless Tank (Wave 30)
Proving yourself: Endless Damage (Wave 30)

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