Hero of the Alliance/Horde
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  • Boost Time: 9-10 Hours
  • Estimated Time: 1-7 days (All season)
  • We will boost you to Safe Hero RBG rating.
  • You will get into the first 0.5% rating lines of RBG Ladder in your BattleGroup and you will get the most prestige title in the game [Hero of the Alliance] or [Hero of the Horde].
  • Also you will get new 12 titles for your character including [General] for horde or [Marshal] for alliance.
  • Awards 3600+ Conquest Points/week.


  • No gear requirements.
  • No need to transfer anymore – everything can be done via crossrealms.
  • We can do this service either with account sharing or with Self-Play – as you prefer.