Why should we be trusted? offers ingame services in various games for more than 5 years.
We are a team of highly skilled professionals, who guarantee fast and effective boosting.
Here we present following guarantees, part of which are unique at boosting service market.

Great service!

  • You do not have to register or remember any passwords.
  • Polite and pleasant operators, who are willing to assist you with any problems 24 hours a day.
  • Fast work! Get your gold within minutes and boosting in time, with no delays!
  • We will manage your order in minutes and compete it in a glimpse of an eye.
  • No fool promises.
  • Reviews.

Safety of your account.

We have been working in this field for more than 8 years, and we have developed methods which makes your boosting efficent and fast. You are almost 100% protected from banhammer.

We never use.

  • Bots and any scripts which automate gaming process.
  • Bugs and exploits, which can lead to being banned.
  • Unfair methods to get advantage in game, which can lead to unpleasant consequences.
  • Stolen or duped ingame currency.
  • Your personal data for anything, exluded order execution.
  • Your contact for sending spam emails.

We always use:

  • Professional boosters and coaches, who are best in their field.
  • Protected VPN connections and safety protocols to make your data secured.
  • Fair and effective ways to achieve perfect result.

Money refund.

You can always get your money back if you paid by mistake, didnt understand terms and conditions or any other personal reason. Also you will get your money back if you are not pleased by your order execution (for adequate reasons) or if it is impossible to complete your order. values its reputation and customer relations.
Automated money transactions! Lots of payment methods! No account-to-account transactions!

We have “verified seller” certificates in all payment systems:

  • Paypal – corporate account, which is linked to current account. is one of the few services which supports paypal payments.
  • Webmoney certificate – personal attestat with business level.
  • – professional account (identity and location of owners are confirmed)
  • And much more, including bank transactions to current account.


  • We have dozens of thousands happy clients with more than 50 000 orders completed. You can take a look by yourself here “Customer reviews”. We have a lot of feedback at such famous forums as:
  • Ownedcore
  • Epic NPC
  • Elitepvpers

Quality of the website and services.

Current website is a product of our expierience and work. We spend money for daily maintenance and improving. It is a third version of this website since we started operating, which is the most user friendly and includes the best features we have been offering to your for these years.

Currently  we have two more versions of our website for appropriate markets.

Scammers create websites with primitive design, stolen content and services which are created only to scam you.

Do not let them fool yourself with low prices and loud promises. Words should be proved by deeds. And deeds should be supported with professional attitude and experience.

We have always been and example for every website at boosting market.

Complete anonimity and confidentiality.

We are professionals and we work only with professionals. Please familiarise yourself with privacy policy. Your private information will never reach any third party. By default, our employees and boosters does not respond to any ingame messages, however you can tell then what to say to your provate messages by contacting our operators.

Furthermore, your personal data is secured by SSL encrypting protocol and is never disclosed despite any circumstances. Data is required only for the term of execution. We never use your personal data for spam messages or any other information exchanging.


And we are always expanding and procede to provide the best service at russian and european market.